Monday, February 11, 2013

{Muster Monday} The Dining Table

I grew up with 4 other siblings in the house and in the same town/area as both sets of grandparents. We sat at the table to eat...not always all of us, or not always at the same time....but the table was to sit and eat. It just was. It wasn't a requirement for every meal....actually, it was preferred we didn't when we had good ole watermelon :). Outside was best for that! Then you could have a contest to see who could spit seeds farther. lol And then you laughed so hard when someone messed up and the seed just trickled down their chin. Baaahaa.

Some good memories of mine to share with you:
  • Weekly supper meals when I was young with bountiful veggie options from my Dad's garden. I ate the crap outta those brussell sprouts!
  • My Mom's best darn breakfast...biscuits (almost always a staple people), gravy & bacon & eggs...oh man! This was mainly on the weekends, as cereal was the choice for school days :).
  • Sunday dinners at Grandmother's house. Then watching old cartoon movies afterwards like Felix the Cat. Fun!
  • Family gatherings at Mamaw's...ok stop, FAVorites from that lady was her Homemade Hot Rolls #1, her Bread Pudding, Banana Pudding...well, all her desserts, she rocked in that department!
I digress. The dining table...I've realized...after ALL those years and time of sitting at one to eat and the good memories associated with it...I don't use mine. At all. Seriously. I don't remember the last time (even if it is just me who does) that I've sat there to eat. It's wasted space in my house it seems. Sitting there cleaned off, even has a lovely centerpiece, not used, not piled high with other stuff. Sad.

I wonder why? I might try it for a week. Might develop the habit again...I think it's a good, positive habit I could live with hehe. :)

Do you use your table to eat?

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