Sunday, July 24, 2011

[food]: raspberries

Every summer we get fresh raspberries (among others) from the neighbors who operate a berry stand. As it is very nice to have connections sometimes, it has also become a creative challenge.

I will admit--I waste more berries than eat. And I have a problem. :)

I think I still have gallon bags of frozen berries from two+ years ago. That's not right! So this year I am looking for ideas--easy ideas--to use this fresh flat of berries before they go bad.

So far...I have made a batch of muffins, a small batch of scones, and added them to a Betty Crocker lemon cake mix. That didn't put much of a dent in it! I will also take some to work and SHARE! I'm loving that idea!

Anyone else want to lend an idea hand? Please feel free! Thanks for the comments.