Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fabric Folded Flower Cube

Say THAT 3 times in a row: Fabric Folded Flower Cube...Frabric Floated Flower Cube...ah whatever lol.

I needed to practice my fabric folding techniques as I have been asked to give a short demonstration sometime this fall at one of our Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetings. (STRESS hehe). In the May meeting, we had a 5" charm swap. FUN! Do you want to know more about charms? Then check out Charm Squares 101 over at Oh, Fransson! web site by Elizabeth Hartman.

So I combined the two concepts and used some of the charms from the last meeting and decided to make a cube. Of course, I couldn't wait until I had run to the store to get the stuffing to make this post-- But you can get the idea from these pictures*...

The main colors are black, red, and white. The background color of the plain two sides are a light blue.

In the center of each flower, I stitched on a flower bead and yellow seed bead as shown in picture below.

The finished cube is about 4.5" square or so. I'm thinking of making it, and some of the others which I will be sewing, the fun giveaways during my presentation. We'll see!

*Disclaimer: Pics are from cell camera. Hope to get a camera sometime. :-)