Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Callie: the brains in the family. lol
Anyone who owns an Aussie knows what I'm talking about!

Callie's Creativity

Well, obviously I haven't been "sharing" creative thoughts yet on this blog.
So, to kickstart SOME form of creativeness, I thought I would share my dog's.

"Oh why must I be subject to these silly humans," she thinks often. "However, methinks they are onto something with this 'throw the ball and fetch' technique."

Callie decided to train us. She takes the tennis ball in her mouth and sits at the top of an embankment on our property. She then 'throws' the ball and it rolls down to us standing there looking at her in amazement (we're easily amused). And what do you think happens next?!.....You guessed it--we 'fetch' the ball and toss it back up the hill to her. Repeat.

Creative? For a dog to figure that out on her own...Yes.