Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quilting to Go Bag

I finally just did it. Well actually...I said "screw it" and just did it. The following bag has been sitting unfinished with just the binding left to do I think(?). The pattern called for hand-stitching it on after a stitch and fold scenario and I said NO. So...I stitched, turned, and zigzagged it on. DONE. It's mine and that's that.

Now I can take my rulers, cutters and small mat along with my fabric or whatever if I want to go to Modern Domestic Sew Night! **Sorry the pictures are so bad; we got a new camera though so as soon as I learn how to use it and download/upload from it they will be better! Anyway, take a look..........
Bag Back has 3 pockets: 1 for Ruler, 1 for Rotary
Cutter, and 1 for Whatever.
Bag Front has an awesome Big Pocket. I can
put my 12 1/2" square ruler in it with room to spare.
My FAVORITE of it all. I stitched a posie-like flower on the
rotary pocket.
My 6x24 ruler fits. Yay! The gussets are shown here too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Weekend Trip...

...requires a weekend bag! Even Callie knows that! Using a pattern found on the Weekend designer web site, I fashioned an awesome bag from a stash of outdoor (very slippery) fabric I've had for several years.

I REALLY like the web site because you have to draft your own pattern templates based on measurements given. It offers great practice and more experience in this aspect of sewing to me!

I added a loop&hook closure to the cool, big pockets on
both sides of the bag.

And I used a double zipper too.

All Set!
Since I now have the pattern pieces made and I had enough of this fabric, I will be making another one for my daughter. (Which is who I went to visit for this bag's first weekend trip!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Living Room Pillows

I'm only 3/4ths done....but I know my mother is dying to get a sneak peek. Yes, I'm slower than Christmas!'s been a month since I posted last. lol.

I want to give ALL KINDS of information about the lost it. Oops. I CAN tell you though that I have tried Kona Cotton Solid now (the natural color in the pillows) and it really is nice to work with like they say. I'll be looking to buy more in the future!  All patterns were found on the web site.

Here are all four with one circle pillow back showing.

I had a little fun with the stitching on my machine
 and the design of the fabric. :)

Unfinished little squares pillow is from the "Sweet Retreat
room ensemble" from the web site.

This and the square pillow are from the project
"Squares and Circles Pillows."
 (how imaginative of a title hehe)

All pretty now....a place to lay our head.
Well...almost. Still have one-quarter to go! :0)