Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pedal Pusher?

...No, not the pants. I was just wondering though: who else MUST remove their shoe to "push the pedal" on the sewing machine like me? Can you tell a difference when sewing with a shoe on? What do you do? On or off or both (no difference to you)?

I remove my shoe EVERY time! lol...I think it's a control thing. Only trouble with that is I end up walking around with only ONE shoe on to go to the ironing board or whatever! Oh goof-y-ness!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dish Mat

This was fun to make! I used this tutorial and did a little customizing on it to fit my own need.

I have made this Bee style one for a friend of mine.
The front with the lovely Debbie Mumm bee fabric and a flower fabric (don't know who).

The back is made with kitchen towels I purchased at Costco sewn together. Cute little beehives!

I have 2 more lined up and ready to get stitchin' on:
The first is Fruits with fruity colors!

The next is a Cake (looks chocolatey) with pink/purple colors!

Adorable AND functional...I wonder which one I'll use in MY kitchen?